InfusionMax Cream Charger 580g


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InfusionMax Cream Charger 580g

InfusionMax Cream Charger 580g is an innovative cream whipping device specially designed for making cocktails and nitrous flavored infusions. It can also be used to whip cream with a whipping cream dispenser.
Due to its time-saving replenishment process and the use of large amounts of cooking-grade gas, each InfusionMax cream charger 580g is equivalent to 80 cream chargers.
Prepare a variety of drinks and dishes, from classic whipped cream to quick-infused garlic rosemary chicken to N2O-infused cocktails! InfusionMax Cream Charger provides you with unlimited variety through a single cooking tool. Easy to use with many benefits!

  • Listing only applies to InfusionMax Cream Charger 580g. Requires a regulator and hose fittings to connect to a whipper dispenser.

1 Cream Charger, 2 Cream Chargers, 3 Cream Chargers, 4 Cream Chargers, 5 Cream Chargers, 6 Cream Chargers

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