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What services can you expect from us?

We aren’t just another nang cream charger seller. We deliver high-quality whipped cream chargers every day of the week, including public holidays. Our motto isn’t Fast Reliable Guaranteed, for nothing. Before you start shopping, there are a couple of things about our services that you might want to know—why you should buy our products and use our service.

  • We offer fast delivery times. Throughout the day, until the early morning hours.
  • Did you know that on weekends we are open until 5 a.m., and that includes public holidays?
  • Our prices are the best in town, and that doesn’t mean low-quality products.
  • We offer different payment options, which include cash and PayID as well.

Our products

There are a variety of different items that you can choose from. It includes different nang cream chargers and cream whippers. You can choose from our hot products and our combos or browse through our decoration and equipment products.  We offer different brand products as well. 

When it comes to our combos, we are offering 6 different combo sizes to choose from. Ideal for those looking for a dispenser as well. We are offering two main brand combos.

  • SupremeWhip
  • BestWhip

More about our delivery service

You need to know more about our delivery services so that you can know why we are the most recommended place for buying nangs in Melbourne. We also offer the most affordable delivery service in the area. 

We guarantee that nang cream chargers will be delivered to your doorstep between 30 to 60 minutes. When you are waiting longer than an hour, we will give you three 10-packs of bulbs on request. We offer delivery services throughout the Melbourne metropolitan. We are open till 3:30 a.m. from Monday to Thursday, till 5:00 a.m. from Friday to Sunday, and on public holidays.

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