MEGA 3.3L 2050g Miami Magic Cylinder N2O Cream Charger


In 2024, ‘Miami Magic’ introduces high-quality 3.3L cylinders and 9g blue cream chargers with a new lightweight steel model. Our international sensation is inspired by the vibrant Miami lifestyle, making it perfect for various drinks and quick, flavor-infused cocktails. Explore the magic – try our Miami Magic Infusions today!

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Introducing the ‘Miami Magic’ 2023 Collection – a pinnacle of sophistication, offering discerning connoisseurs premium 9g blue cream chargers and cutting-edge cylinders crafted from lightweight steel. Our latest model epitomizes excellence, establishing unprecedented benchmarks within the industry.

As a global sensation, Miami Magic strategically aligns with a branding approach inspired by the dynamic Miami lifestyle. Essential for crafting an array of exquisite drinks, cocktails, and culinary delights, our products transcend boundaries – from the classic whipped cream to the swift creation of flavor-infused cocktails. Embark on a sensory journey with our Miami Magic Infusions!

Distinguishing itself as avant-garde, the Miami Magic Infusions Canisters are meticulously engineered to optimize efficiency and production. Manufactured in an advanced facility, these canisters boast an enhanced size and a time-efficient refill technique, necessitating a regulator kit and converter hose (available separately). With an impressive yield of approximately 260 standard chargers per 1 cylinder, it surpasses traditional methods such as hand whipping and other conventional cream chargers.


Capacity: 3.3L / 2048g

Price: Listed for the canister only; the set of regulators is available separately.

Caution: Responsible disposal is imperative – discard only empty canisters. We provide a single plastic release valve to facilitate the complete disposal of cylinders.

Embark on a revolution in cream chargers with Miami Magic – a fusion of innovation and indulgence, catering to the discerning palate of connoisseurs!


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Miami Magic

1 X 3.3L 2050G Cylinder, 2 X 3.3L 2050G Cylinder, 3 X 3.3L 2050G Cylinder, 4 X 3.3L 2050G Cylinder, 5 X 3.3L 2050G Cylinder, 6 X 3.3L 2050G Cylinder, 7 X 3.3L 2050G Cylinder, 8 X 3.3L 2050G Cylinder, MEGA 3.3L Miami Magic Cylinder N20 Cream Charger – 9, 10 X 3.3L 2050G Cylinder, MEGA 3.3L Miami Magic Cylinder N20 Cream Charger – 11, 12 X 3.3L 2050G Cylinder

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