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Getting to know WhipRight larger nang cream chargers

Did you ever use the nang cream chargers and wish that you could have found one that has more N2O than one serving? It can be time-consuming to refill with 8-gram chargers.
The good news is that there are now larger nang cream chargers that you can buy. You can choose between the WhipRight Jumbo large cream charger and the WhipRight Titan N2O cream charger. The large cream charger is 1.0 liter. This is equivalent to refilling 77 regular cream chargers with 8 grams of N2O.
The Titan N2O cream charger is 3.3 liters and can be used for 256 times more than just one 8-gram cream charger. Giving you more value for money and making whipped cream a lot faster.

Benefits of buying the WhipRight chargers

    Why is this something that you should consider buying? If you ever wondered why the nitrous oxide refills are just 8 grams and wished for larger refills, then your wish has come true. These are the reasons why you should consider these larger chargers.

  • It’s perfect for restaurants and culinary businesses. You don’t need to refill the charger after each use. Now, you can use it between 77 and 256 times longer, depending on the charger you are buying.
  • It is cheaper to buy the larger nang cream chargers than to buy the 8-gram chargers in bulk.
  • If you are making whipped cream daily, it just makes sense to purchase a larger charger. You will always have N2O at hand for your whipped cream.
  • You don’t need to have a special dispenser for the larger charger.

Like making whipped cream, but hate refilling the cream charger? Then the larger N2O chargers should be considered. For those who are making whipped cream in large quantities or who are making whipped cream on a daily basis. You can choose between two sizes. The 1-liter and the 3.3-liter cream charger. Both will give you value for money so that you can enjoy your whipped cream whenever you want.

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