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Artwrap Party Candle Sparkler 24 Pack


Light up the party with the Artwrap party sparklers. With 24 in a pack, you can entertain your family and have fun at the same time.

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What would a party be without some candle sparklers? The Artwrap party candle sparklers come in a pack of 24 sparklers. The sparklers will guarantee to work with no blanks. These aren’t ordinary ones; they are 40 cm each. Longer than other candle sparklers you can buy.
Just be aware that these aren’t cake candles and can’t be used on cakes. It is for outdoor use only because of the sparks the candle sparklers are making and because of the smoke they make. The sparks will last for about two minutes. With the correct use, there isn’t any risk of getting burned while holding the sparklers.


  • Each pack has a total of 24 sparklers.
  • It is only for outdoor use, because of the risks of indoor use.
  • Each sparkler is 40 cm in length.
  • It will last longer than other sparklers
  • Adult supervision is recommended when children handle the sparklers.
  • The recommended age for holding the candle sparklers is for kids 8 years and older.
  • It isn’t suitable for use on cakes or food.

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