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Whip-it Professional Cream Chargers 8g


One of the most popular nang cream chargers is the Whip-It professional cream charger. Ensuring that you get the best-tasting whipped cream every time.

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You will not be disappointed when you buy the Whip-It professional cream chargers. Each of the nang chargers contains exactly 8.2 grams of Nitrous oxide. Not just any nitrous oxide, but the ultimate pure N2O. The strongest N2O in the market. They guarantee that no canister will be a dud or leak N2O. You can buy as many of these nang chargers as you want. You can choose between 50 and 360 canisters per box.
Each canister meets the stringent manufacturer standards, and it complies with TUV, HACCP, and HACCP. The empty canisters are disposable, because of the recycled material used to make the nang charger. It is easy to use and will not leave the whipped cream with an oily residue or an industrial aftertaste. The chargers are hand-packed to ensure quality control is being done.


  • It is a universal nang charger and easy to install.
  • Contains 8.2 grams of ultimate pure nitrous oxide.
  • Guarantee of no duds in packages.
  • Made from recyclable material and is disposable when empty.
  • Buy in different quantities per package.
  • Covered with a new zinc chrome coating to prevent rust from forming. Great for bulk purchases.

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