BestWhip 200 Cream Chargers & 0.5L Cream Whipper


Special for nang whipped cream lovers. Now in a combo with 200 cream chargers for 200 uses before you need to buy refill cartridges. Best value for money.

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There is no reason why you need to pay a lot of money to start using a nang cream whipper. We offer a combo where you can get the half-liter cream whipper or dispenser, and you will receive 200 nang cream chargers. And this is for a fraction of what you would have paid when buying it separately.
Each cream charger contains 8 grams of nitrous oxide, enough for a single use. This means you will be able to make whipped cream 200 times before buying more canisters. The cream whipper is half a liter but can make up to 1.5 liters of whipped cream. The cream whipper is easy to use and can take universal canisters as well.
Nitrous oxide, or N2O, is of high quality and is known to be pure N2O from our factories. The canisters are also layered with silver. This is to prevent rust from happening, and there is no more worrying about whether clients will get sick or not.


  • You will get 200 nang chargers that are 8 grams each.
  • The nitrous oxide used for the canisters is the highest and purest N2O we could find.
  • There is no oily residue that will leave an unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth.
  • The cream whipper can take half a liter of cream but can make a liter and a half of the nang cream chargers.
  • Each cream charger has been covered with silver. This is to prevent rust from forming.
  • The cream whipper can take any universal nang cream charger.

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