iSi Professional Cream Chargers


Isi Professional cream chargers ensure a professionally-tasting whipped cream. This is a brand that you can trust to provide the best product. With robust quality control checks, you can buy these without any worries.

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There aren’t many cream charger brands that are doing this level of quality control checks before they sell their nang cream chargers. They guarantee that each canister has exactly 8.4 grams of nitrous oxide. The N2O comes with a HACCP certification. Each canister has a unique lot number to let you trace them back.
You can use the nang cream chargers with most cream whippers because they are universal chargers. You can buy Isi canisters in bulk, ranging from 60 to 720 chargers. Making them great for professional use. The canisters are made from recyclable stainless steel to make the disposal of empty chargers easier. The stainless steel comes directly from Austria.


  • Each Isi professional cream charger is exactly 8.4 grams of N2O.
  • Chargers go through a large number of quality control checks.
  • All the Isi cream chargers have a HACCP certification and lot number to trace them back to the moment of creation.
  • No aftertaste or residue will be visible in the whipped cream.
  • You can buy the Isi chargers in bulk orders, from 60 chargers to 720 chargers.
  • Each 8.4 grams of N2O charger makes up to 1.5 liters of whipped cream.
  • Recyclable stainless-steel canisters
  • Will receive value for money.

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