SupremeMax 1.1L 680g Cream Charger Tanks (N2O)

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Why should you buy 8-gram nang cream chargers if you can buy the 680-gram charger tank? It gives you so much more out of the charger than with normal chargers. For long-term use, you can buy these in bulk too.

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One of the latest technologies that will make your life easier is the SupremeWhip Pro Max cream charger tank. This is a canister for making whipped cream from a cream whipper. The difference is that you can use it 85 times before you need to replace it.
A safety release nozzle is designed on the charger to release gas when needed. The cream charger tank is filled with high-quality, food-grade nitrous oxide. You can use the tank for flavor infusions to whip cream in seconds. With the charger tank, you will clean up easier and won’t need to refill your N2O gas regularly. You will save time and money with the larger cream charger refill.


  • A newer and larger Nang Cream charger refill with a capacity of 680g.
  • High-quality, food-grade nitrous oxide with no residue or industrial taste in the cream.
  • A lot more cost-effective than the 8-gram canisters.
  • More than 85 servings in one canister. Still making 1.5 liters of whipped cream per serving.
  • Easy to use for professional use or home use.
  • It can be used on most cream whipper brands.
  • Includes a safety release valve for easier and safer use.

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1 review for SupremeMax 1.1L 680g Cream Charger Tanks (N2O)

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    The product is fantastic and very easy to use. This innovative product is definitely worth a try.

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